Rewrite Episode #14

Well everyone, looks like what happened in the first half is nothing but a dream as Koutarou Tennouji woke up from his long slumber.

Just kidding, humanity has become extinct… except that Sakura Kashima didn’t kill all of them as there’s still hope for saving Earth and the human race.

But first, time for Koutarou to meet up with Kagari as she’s doing something on top of the hill.

Even though the world have ended, the Key is still important on achieving true salvation!

Too bad though as Koutarou couldn’t reach Kagari as she used her ribbons to rip out his heart. Damn, say it ain’t so!

And there you have it, the conclusion of this anime adaptation by 8-bit… except that Rewrite didn’t have an abrupt ending!

It turns out that Koutarou Tennouji came back to life after getting mutilated by Kagari. But you know what, he should have brought some Key Coffee…

However, it appears that Koutarou experienced various dreams like this normal one where he’s married to Kotori Kanbe and have a baby. Isn’t it nice?

Of course, there are a few times where he’s having a lewd dream like this one where Koutarou is being scrubbed by two Lucia Konohana.

That’s right, two Lucias serving Master Koutarou! Then again, he wanted to grope Akane’s tits and have sex with her..

And lastly, this boring dream where he’s fighting various monsters employed by Gaia.

You know what, let’s go back to reality as Koutarou needs to meet up with Kagari!

And the only way to do it is to give her a cup of brewed coffee.

As much as Koutarou made an effort of making one, Kagari preferred drinking canned coffee!

Still, it’s better than not giving anything to her ’cause that’ll be bad for Tennouji. I mean, he died countless times just to approach her!

On second thought, it’s working for Kagari as she drank a whole cup of Koutarou’s brewed coffee.

It’s not Key Coffee but it sure tasted great… and she drank it 3 times because Kagari thinks that Koutarou’s coffee is delicious!

With that said, Koutarou Tennouji’s coffee plan worked and now he finally approached Kagari without getting himself killed! Of course, he still needs to find the rest of the Occult Club and find true salvation.

Well, that’s the end of this premiere of the second half. I have high hopes that 8-bit will do better in future episodes of Rewrite!

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