Sangatsu no Lion Episode #13

Here’s Tatsuyuki “Smith” Misumi as he’s about to face his toughest opponent yet!

Anyways, “Smith” Misumi is facing Masamune Gotou who’s known for his heavy defensive play-style.

The only thing that Tatsuyuki-san can put up a fight against the 9th dan shogi player is to become light and mobile.

Unfortunately for Misumi, it seems that Gotou went for the offensive, catching him off-guard despite trying to play as mobile as possible.

In any case, Tatsuyuki “Smith” Misumi has conceded to Masamune Gotou, but Gotou told Misumi not to falter the next time they meet again.

Well, looks like Tatsuyuki-san will have to drown his sorrows at his favorite bar…

However, seems that “Smith” Misumi has decided to go home and start over after finding an abandoned black kitten.

Although everyone would say that black cats symbolizes misfortune, seems that Tatsuyuki-san got fond on the kitten that he wants to take care of it!

Meanwhile, Rei Kiriyama is preparing various strategies against the 8th dan player Kai Shimada.

While he studied various records of Shimada’s matches, Kiriyama didn’t have an idea on taking the 8th dan shogi player since it’s his first time facing Shimada.

Speaking of Kai Shimada, his play-style is often mysterious that anyone who faced him might not came up with a counter-attack right away.

Also, I forgot to tell you that Kai-san is Harunobu Nikaidou’s shogi teacher, but it doesn’t matter as Shimada is somewhat outplaying Kiriyama.

Heck, Rei-kun is at a defensive where he supposed to attack against the 8th dan player. Not a good situation there coming from Kiriyama as he’s caught in Shimada’s world!

Anyways, will Kiriyama get out of this situation on the next episode? We’ll find that out…

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