Urara Meirochou Episode #02

Well, I have to say that Koume Yukimi is rubbing down on Chiya’s tummy like a certain Nozomi!

The funny thing is, there’s a rumor that Koume was the love child of both Nozomi Toujou and Nico Yazawa. Yeah, you have to figure that out!

Still, Captain Saku wasn’t pleased on Koume and Chiya’s raunchy play.

Even though the Labyrinth Town is full of women, some male patrons often visit the town for blessings. She can’t have her beloved town being tainted by indecency!

Well, both Chiya and Koume got a lump in their heads as punishment. Of course, being an Urara isn’t easy as the girls much reach 1st-class in order to become successful.

Oh yeah, there’s a rumor that the legendary 1st-class Ura resides in the deepest parts of the Labyrinth Town and it can grant any blessings or even find answers like the whereabouts of Chiya’s mother.

Speaking of Chiya’s mother, Chiya can’t remember who or what her mother was but it seems that she’s been taken care of by Setsu, who is actually a friend of her mother.

Still, Chiya and her friends must reach 1st-class or they can’t meet the legendary Urara and receive answers. Also, having a lower-class Urara going to a higher-class district would result of being banished forever.

Now then, it’s time for their Urara training as Nina-san will teach the girls on how to perform star divination by using a black lantern riddled with holes to represent stars.

Oh, and the must burn the lantern from the inside as Nina-san shows it to the girls, much of Koume’s horror since they’re inside a dark room.

By the way, Nina told them not to dwell into the true nature of the gods, otherwise their divination powers will be gone so Chiya and the rest need to be careful.

Speaking of being careful, looks like Chiya is making mistakes that her hair has caught on fire!

Good thing Nono put out the fire immediately or we might see a horrible accident on this slice-of-life anime. With that said, looks like Chiya and her friends have failed their first lesson.

Lastly, here Koume enjoying a big bowl of anmitsu. Looks like she inherit her big appitite from Hanayo Koizumi (bonus points for Yurika Kubo on voicing both characters).

But that’s about it for the second episode of Urara Meirochou. Let’s hope that these girls can move up a rank. Oh, and both Chiya and Kon Tatsumi are aiming to become 1st-class Ura so good luck to them!

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