ChäoS;Child Episode #01

“Those eyes… Whose eyes!?”

Well everyone, this is the sequel to ChäoS;HEAd where it takes 6 years after the string of unfortunate events called the New Generation Madness.

Anyways, this is Takuru Miyashiro where he’s part of that event. Of course, he’ll never know what happened to Takumi Nishijou and his friends after stopping the New Generation Madness from spiraling out of control.

But now, let’s go back to 2015 where Takuru is now a senior and a president of the newspaper club.

Together with Serika Onoe, Takuru Miyashiro is here to investigate a string of suicides and murders that related to the New Generation Madness. As much as he has the guts to dwell into the unknown, Takuru should be careful as he and Serika might get caught in some trap.

Anyways, let’s continue the story where Miyashiro and Onoe have witnessed 3 lifeless bodies at a love hotel…

…including this one who got strangulated by garrote wires.

On the other hand, seems that both Takuru and Serika couldn’t get out and they’re freaking out at this point upon seeing dead people. Oh, and Takuru passed out afterwards!

Speaking of dead people, looks like it’ll be reduced to two as this person just got reanimated… or should I say got up after faking her own death.

This is Hinae Arimura and she warned Takuru that he’ll be the next victim. But will Takuru trust Hinae after being involved in a murder case at a love hotel? Find that out on the next episode!

One last thing, I’m hoping that SILVER LINK will do better on ChäoS;Child as this anime series might surpass its predecessor.

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