Little Witch Academia Episode #02

Here’s Episode 2 and Atsuko Kagari has finally enrolled to Luna Nova Academy. Of course, learning magic without using the Shiny Rod would be difficult since Akko came from a normal family.

On the other hand, Akko has two roommates who are somewhat troublesome: Sucy Manbavaran and Lotte Yanson. While Lotte is a shy and bespectacled girl, Suzy is a bonafide witch who makes curses and poisons.

Meanwhile, here’s another character who believes that Atsuko Kagari has the potential to become a witch.

This is Professor Ursula and while she’s somewhat clumsy, Ursula thinks that Akko can make miracles with her Shiny Rod!

Finally, here’s Diana Cavendish who’s considered to be the best witch that might surpassed Shiny Chariot.

While everyone praised Diana since she came from a prestigious family, let’s just say that she’s skeptical towards a mere human like Akko.

And speaking of Akko, it appears that she has made a miracle as she used her Shiny Rod…

…to transform cocoons that were attached to the Jennifer Memorial Tree, into a swarm of majestic magic butterflies called Papilliodya. Yeah, Prof. Ursula is right about recruiting Kagari to Luna Nova.

Still, there’s a long way to go for Akko-chan as she must learn magic if she wants to reach her dreams. Also, despite Diana Cavendish being credited for restoring the tree, it seems that Atsuko Kagari is the unsung heroine when it comes to various crises within the academy!

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