ChäoS;Child Episode #02

Here’s Takuru Miyashiro as his team are continuing their investigation of a series of murders linked to the New Generation Madness, even though his adoptive sister Nono Kurusu warned him about it.

Moreover, he’s joined by his club-mates Shinji Itou and Serika Onoe as they investigate these Sumo Stickers, which appeared in various places that the murders took place.

They even made a video about the stickers but let’s just say that everyone won’t notice it.

Also, here’s Hinae Arimura as she’s greeted by her guardian/detective Takeshi Shinjou, which they proceed to discuss about the murder that happened at a love hotel.

By the way, it seems that there’s a possibility that the victim or even the assailant has an ability, but there’s no confirmation about that. Of course, both Arimura and Shinjou thinks that it was a case or murder and not suicide.

Meanwhile, here’s Mio Kunosato as she’s not only a young genius who acts as an information broker, but also a host of an internet radio show in Shibuya who’ve used the Newspaper Club’s video to discuss about the Sumo Stickers.

Sure that the video has spread across various internet users in the city, but some would say that Takuru Miyashiro and his team stole the video which is funny since they made it in the first place. Still, I think Mio Kunosato would use the Newspaper Club in the future, but her purpose and motives remains unknown.

Lastly, here’s Nono Kurusu as she talks to her father about Takuru’s recent behavior. Sure that he’s an orphan but Nono treats Takuru as part of the family together with her other siblings named Yui and Yuuto.

Still, he’s in danger of being the next victim and Kurusu doesn’t want that to happen…

Then again, it appears that Nono got stabbed by a hooded stalker as she about to get the surveillance camera.

Whether the assailant would destroy the evidence or not, the only thing that Takuru Miyashiro would not like is having Nono Kurusu killed at a site where a Sumo Sticker was placed there… and I have to say that he’ll be freaked out on the next episode!

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