Akiba’s Trip -The Animation- Episode #03

On this episode, I present you the world of idols where even though this person doesn’t have musical talent, the fans will flock at her for being cute…

…including Tamotsu Denkigai. Yeah, he’s finally joined idol hell!

Meanwhile, Matome Mayonaka is so pissed at Tamotsu that she went to Carl’s Jr. and eat a ton of burgers! Damn, I miss Carl’s Jr. so much…

On the other hand, here’s this shady character named Chibusa Benikage as she and her assistant “Nice” Muramura are recruiting girls to become idols.

In the end though, the duo recruited Matome, Niwaka, and Arisa! These three girls have formed an idol group called Manias.

So anyways, they’ll do some idol stuff like singing, handshaking fans…

…and do gravure photoshoots. Scratch gravure, both Benikage and Muramura are doing porn where girls are forced to have sex with strangers!

In fact, both of them are actually Bugged Ones and they want to take over Akihabara by exposing the dark side of the idol industry.

Yeah, they sure want to slam the “purity” clause of those idols by turning them into sluts. But you know what, fuck the “purity” clause because I don’t even care about the idol industry anyway… except for a few.

Now then, here’s Arisa Ahokainen in action as she kicks their sorry asses!

Even though her boobs are flopping left and right, Arisa can put up a fight against the Kurobugs.

Meanwhile, here’s Tamotsu as he arrived to save his sister from Kurobugs.

Actually, he’s just passing by as Tamotsu is working for his investment of idols (or clear up his debt) ’cause you can’t make your dreams come true without loads of money!

Anyways, Tamotsu Denkigai stripped Chibusa Benikage in which she returned to normal.

Oh, and he also stripped “Nice” Muramura and I believe that Chibusa’s assitant is actually a Hazoku. Yeah, that’s how it is but the girls are safe!

However, Chibusa Benikage still believes that Matome and her friends have the potential to become idols and thus supported them…

…by staging a debut concert. But then again, Matome and Niwaka aren’t suitable as idols in the end. Only Arisa Ahokainen is good enough to become one!

And that’s it for Episode 3 of Akiba’s Trip! As for Tamotsu, I think he’ll support idols on the next episode… or maybe not.

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