Masamune-kun’s Revenge Episode #03

Look what we have here, Masamune Makabe helping Kojurou Shuri on his studies! Yeah, looks normal…

…except that this girl named Tae Futaba is having rotten thoughts about those two boys. Well, looks like this class representative is a bonafide fujoshi!

Meanwhile, here’s Masamune-kun as he’s having a date with Aki-sama… while wearing a PreCure-esque costume as suggested by Yoshino Koiwai. Really Yoshino, I don’t think a costume would work for Aki Adagaki.

Supposedly, there won’t be a date at all as Masamune challenged Aki to see who has the better test score. Whoever loses will have to become the slave for the victor or something. However, it ended in a draw so Koiwai hooked them up for this occassion… but what does she planning to do for both Makabe and Adagaki?

Well then, I guess we’ll find that out in future episodes but for now, this date is so awkward to watch.

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