Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 Episode #02

Well, seems that both Aqua and Kazuma Satou are in a pinch as not only their stuff got taken away, but Darkness-chan is being held by Lord Aldarp!

On the other hand, Megumin doesn’t mind about the current situation as she holds a demonic cat named Chomusuke. But seriously, I think she needs to worry about Darkness getting raped!

Now then, it’s time for Kazuma and his party to do some quests in order to clear off their debt.

By the way, the prosecutor from the first episode named Sena has requested Kazuma’s party to clear up the giant frogs, which Aqua has bad memories of it!

Fortunately for Kazuma, he has developed a new skill called Snipe, which he can now use a bow to kill the frogs at a distance.

Anyways, his first ranged attack is successful, but will Kazuma kill the enemy and free Aqua from being defiled forever?

Actually, it didn’t work as Aqua got eaten instead, which shocked Kazuma, Megumin, and Sena-san in which she’s there at the background like some sort of an extra character.

Well then, seems that Kazuma’s brilliant plan failed and they’re pretty much fucked up!

Until someone used lightning magic to destroy a horde of frogs, something that Megumin can’t do since she’s stuck at using explosion magic.

Now, I wonder who helped Kazuma’s party since that magic is impressive?

Well, this character named Yunyun who previously appeared in the OVA episode. Of course, the events that happened in Season 1 Episode 11 didn’t count so this is the first time that Kazuma Satou and his gang have met Yunyun.

Anyways, Yunyun is an arch wizard and Megumin’s self-proclaimed rival. Despite the fact that she has impressive magic skills, seems that Yunyun is somewhat of a loser…

…especially when Megumin grappled Yunyun until she’s tapped out. Yeah, I have to say that Yunyun will have a hard time getting that stinky frog smile off her body!

Well then, I hoping that the next episode will focus on Kazuma Satou saving Darkness-chan from being Lord Aldarp’s sex slave.

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