Kuzu no Honkai Episode #02

So while I’ll reserve both Hanabi and Mugi’s respective true love for the time being, time for me to introduce some characters that they have a crush on the main couple.

This is Sanae “Ecchan” Ebato, a friend of Hanabi Yasuraoka who has some intimate feelings for her. Of course, Ecchan couldn’t do that for the time being because society doesn’t like same-sex relationships yet. Also, Hanabi has a crush on her big brother Narumi Kanai.

Meanwhile, this fake couple is about to kiss since they’re just using each other as a substitute. I mean, both Mugi and Hanabi are in love with their teachers.

However, they were interrupted by this girl who happened to be Mugi’s childhood friend Noriko “Moka” Kamomebata.

Now, Moka-chan considered to be the princess to Mugi’s prince status, but of course her childhood sweetheart in love with Akane Minagawa. And speaking of Mugi, I feel that he has a previous relationship before Minagawa-san, but I’ll save that on the next episode!

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