Urara Meirochou Episode #03

Well everyone, here’s the third episode as Kon Tatsumi leads the way on doing their first errand at Benten’s Divination Supplies Store, apart from babysitting Koume Yukimi and Chiya.

On the other hand, there’s a rumor that the shopkeeper has owned most of the Urara in the Labyrinth Town as well as being a ruthless gambler. Yeah, that’ll be a problem…

Anyways, the girls went to Benten’s Divination Supplies Store where they’re here to get Nina Natsume’s order.

But of course, Chiya and the rest are curious to this place and they often break things, which is bad because they must pay for it or do hard labor.

Speaking of hard labor, this old lady happens to be the shopkeeper and she’s mad that they broke a special item and must pay with their own body!

Just kidding, Benten won’t force Chiya and the girls to do prostitution because it’s bad by the way…

Instead, Benten forced these girls to work as shopkeeper for one year, which is bad because they might kicked out after ditching their Urara training! Come to think of it, Kon looks great in that maid uniform.

But you know what, Chiya and the rest could just win a gambling game against Benten, take Nina Natsume’s parcel, and run away as fast as possible. Well, they did that and everything went well!

Lastly, here’s Captain Saku Iroi as she’s here to check on both Chiya and Koume…

…as they’re trying to untangle each other. Oh Saku-san, are you having lewd thoughts on both girls? What a pervert you are!

Well then, that’s about it for this week’s episode!

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