Youjo Senki: Saga of Tanya the Evil Episode #03

Here’s Tanya Degurechaff where she was supposed to be relaxing at her office, but instead got dragged to test various equipment for the military since the Empire is in a dire situation!

Anyways, Second Lieutenant Degurechaff is testing out a new computation jewel named Elenium Type-95. But it has some stability issues upon reaching higher altitude, which is why she’s complaining that the jewel might explode.

However, this mad engineer named Adelheid von Schugel believes that the Elenium Type-95 computation jewel can put out more magic power than any other jewel.

And that’s because Chief Engineer Schugel found a sign from God. Yes, he has faith from the Creator even though Tanya calls it as nonsense!

And speaking of Tanya, seems that she has no choice but to accept God or Being X’s miracles as Tanya Degurechaff prayed to the almighty on bringing the Elenium Type-95 jewel to work.

So yeah, Tanya is borrowing God’s will to make her computation jewel work. But you know what, God should have become a merciless being on Tanya Degurechaff because she’s an asshole!

Oh yeah, it seems that there are a few people who have doubts on Second Lieutenant Degurechaff’s behavior. This is Lt. Colonel Erich von Lehrgen and he knows about Tanya Degurechaff since joining the military.

Yes, he admits that Tanya’s impressive skills in the battlefield, but Erich von Lehrgen is worried about her demonic-like attitude. Then again, there’s nothing that Lt. Colonel Lehrgen can do since the Empire is being surrounded by the Entente Alliance and they need Tanya’s power to defend the fatherland.

Lastly, here’s Viktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakov as she’ll be taking her officer training due to Tanya Degurechaff’s promotion to First Lieutenant. Sure that Visha is taking Tanya’s offer, but I have a feeling that this sweet busty girl will be killed off!

But hey, we’ll see if Visha can make it through and fight alongside Tanya in the future. Anyways, next episode will have Tanya Degurechaff taking her officer training at the capital!

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