BanG Dream! Episode #01

Hello everyone as I present you a Bushiroad-promoted anime series by XEBEC and OLM (under the name of ISSEN) where it’s inspired by the legendary anime known as K-On!

By the way, this anime took 2 years of planning since BanG Dream! was launched back in 2015 and I believe that there’s 3 singles already and a manga to boot. But we’re gonna talk about the anime series where Kasumi Toyama is starting her high school life at Hanasakigawa Girls’ Academy.

Oh yeah, and she tried other clubs to join but it appears that Kasumi is not eager to sign up and do their stuff.

In fact, Toyama is interested on finding the Star Beat which is some sort of a sparkling sound when looking up at the night sky. Then again, I don’t know what Kasumi is looking for anyway…

Now let’s go back to Kasumi Toyama where she finds a star-shaped guitar at a warehouse and strum it a bit.

Seems that Kasumi has found her Star Beat but it gets better though…

…as she attended a concert performed by Glitter☆Green, whose members are voiced by the main quartet of Milky Holmes.

Yes, they ditch their detective work to become band idols and I have to say that Suzuko Mimori sure got that pumped-up voice when rocking it out!

Anyways, that inspired Kasumi Toyama to make her own rock band because it’ll be stupid to hold her own guitar all the time!

Of course, this is just the first episode and she has plenty of time to find members and perform at a large crowd. Also, Kasumi should practice on playing the guitar.

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