Fuuka Episode #04

Well, Fuuka Akitsuki got angry that Yuu Haruna didn’t tell her about his childhood friend Koyuki Hinashi beforehand.

While I’m not gonna blame both of them for making this misunderstanding, but the fact that Koyuki’s arrival is just a surprise. Also, would it be better if they would clear it up before the end of this episode? I hope so…

Meanwhile, here’s Kazuya Nachi as he’s arrived at Shonan to convince Fuuka on joining the track and field club. After all, her parents are famous but Fuuka wants to be a musician! Also, Kazuya-sempai brought some two guests: HEGDEHOGS bandmates Tomo and Hisa. Yeah, Fuuka’s favorite band has arrived but there’s still missing members…

Oh wait, let’s add Yahagi too since he’s actually a drummer from HEDGEHOGS! Of course, there’s still two missing members which revealed to be as bassist Nico and vocalist Tama. But then again, I have a feeling that Yuu Haruna and Koyuki Hinashi are once part of HEDGEHOGS or it’s just that they inherit those nicknames from a relative or someone that’s dear to them. Maybe we’ll know it later…

But let’s go back to the ongoing drama between Fuuka and Yuu-kun as Makoto Mikasa stepped in to convince both of them to clear those misunderstandings and reconcile.

I mean, it would be bad if their tension escalates that both Fuuka and Yuu-kun’s relationship would be irreparable!

Fortunately, they made up as Fuuka and Yuu-kun apologized to each other for the misunderstanding that happened on the previous episode.

So yeah, they’re friends again and it’s just in time for Fuuka to show that she’s got musical talent…

…by becoming a temporary vocalist of the HEDGEHOGS. I have to say that the crowd got noticed on her singing that puts everyone in awe!

This includes Yuu Haruna who just stands there and watch instead of playing the bass guitar. C’mon Yuu-kun, just play the damn instrument!

Anyways, this impromptu concert was a success. Also, Fuuka Akitsuki recruited Kazuya Nachi to become the drummer of her newly-formed band, despite the fact that Nachi wants to recruit Akitsuki to the track and field club.

But you know what, Kazuya-sempai should just give up as Fuuka is enjoying her new calling as a musician!

Lastly, seems that Yuu Haruna got a little accident with Fuuka as he pulled-up her top. Yeah, that won’t end well with Yuu-kun!

Well then, I’ll see you next time…

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  1. Karandi says:

    I thought they just used the nicknames because they liked the band as kids. Could be wrong though.

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