Rewrite Episode #15

Here’s Koutarou Tennouji as he’s curious on Kagari’s research about finding the right path to achieve true salvation. Basically, finding the golden ending just like a visual novel game.

Also, Koutarou shouldn’t touch Kagari’s work as the vast amount of information surging to his brain might either have his head explode or got insane.

For now, Koutarou Tennouji has asked Kagari to go on a date and dance at a helipad somewhere.

Isn’t it sweet that both of them are pretending that they’re at a party? I have to say that both Koutarou and Kagari are having a fun time…

…until this monster appeared out of nowhere. Damn, looks like their dance ball is ruined!

Also, this monster is targeting Kagari which is bad because even though the world has ended, she’s still important as the Key to true salvation.

Luckily, Koutarou managed to stop the monster from killing Kagari so it’s all good for now!

On the other hand, it turns out that the monster was sent by Sakura Kashima, meaning that her vengeful spirit isn’t satisfied of destroying humanity as Sakura-san wants Kagari dead in order to stop finding the right path.

Man, I should say that Kashima is so scorned on humans that she wants to destroy everything. However, Koutarou Tennouji will protect Kagari no matter what but he needs some allies…

…starting with his childhood friend Kotori Kanbe. I mean, she knows about Kagari’s nature since Kotori is a druid.

Also, Haruhiko Yoshino and his gang are here to help because Koutarou needs a helping hand from a bro like him!

And lastly, the rest of the Occult Club have returned but it would be nice if Sakuya Ohtori is there…

In any case, Koutarou’s hare- I mean the Occult Club has finally resumed its club activities as they’re here to stop Sakura Kashima’s wrathful will once and for all!

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