Sangatsu no Lion Episode #14

“Hey kiddo, are you gonna make your move?”

The match between Rei Kiriyama and Kai Shimada continued as the 8th dan player breaks his silence.

Well, seems that his opponent is lost in a sea of though and I feel bad for Kiriyama!

In any case, the match goes on till evening as neither of them couldn’t come up with a decisive move.

Well actually, it was a lie as Shimada made one decisive move that’ll end the match!

As for Kiriyama, it seems that he got caught in his opponent’s world that Rei-kun couldn’t make any counter-attacks at all.

In the end, Rei Kiriyama conceded as he’s not prepared enough to face Kai Shimada. On the other hand, I have to say that his unstable emotions is the decisive factor on his loss against the 8th dan shogi player. Damn, I feel bad for him as he wanted to beat Masamune Gotou badly!

Meanwhile, Tatsuyuki “Smith” Misumi went back home to take care of his newly-found black kitten. I have to say that he’s got fond of it!

Of course, I’m worried about Kiriyama’s career as his life depends on playing better. Quitting shogi and finding jobs after graduation is not an option for Rei-kun as some people expects him to bounce back from his defeat.

So, Takeshi Hayashida suggested to Rei-kun on joining Kai Shimada’s shogi workshop in order to get better. No buts or ifs from this teacher!

Anyways, let’s wait and see what Kiriyama’s move will be on the next episode. I mean, being gloomy all the time is bad for your health.

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