Seiren Episode #03

Well, here’s the third episode and Hikari Tsuneki sure likes to tease Shouichi Kamita a lot!

Sure that Hikari is getting assertive towards Shouichi, but I think he needs to focus on the exams or Kamita might end up with Mako Yoshida should Shouichi failed.

Now then, let’s go to something interesting as Hikari-chan showed her bikini to Shouichi, but of course she’s interested on his penis as Tsuneki tries to strip his pareo away. Damn, Hikari is so proactive!

Oh yeah, I forgot another reason why she got dragged by her parents is because Hikari is working part-time at a cafe in secret. Yeah, her mother and father are angry about it, but it’s time for Hikari and Shouichi to skinny-dip together at the hot springs!

Then again, they got interrupted by their instructor and as you can see at the background, Tsuneki is hiding underwater.

Now, the only thing that Kamita can do now is to convince his instructor to go away politely…

Well, scratch the politeness as it looks like Shouichi pop up a boner which scares the shit out of the instructor.

Yeah, I have to say that it’s the most hilarious way to buzz-off a teacher! I guess Kamita got turned on by Tsuneki’s swimwear and her navel…

Anyways, the study camp is over as Shouichi Kamita is joined by his buddy Ikuo Nanasaki on going back to their home. It’s sucks that he didn’t say goodbye to Mako Yoshida and Hikari Tsuneki.

Now then, let’s hope that the next episode will have him hooked up with Hikari Tsuneki unless we got denied!

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