Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen Episode #03

Ah Konatsu, a woman who end up getting pregnant and raising her child Shin by herself.

Luckily, not only Miyokichi’s long-time friend is supporting her, but also Yota- I mean 3rd Generation Sukeroku as he’s married to Konatsu.

Yeah, it’s all good but there more stuff happening on this episode…

…as Yotarou’s former big boss has showed up to do yakuza stuff like negotiating with a rival gang.

Of course, he’s here to see his old underling now that Yotarou has become a rakugoka!

Speaking of Yota- I mean Sukeroku, he brought his wife Konatsu and his child Shin.

Not only that, Sukeroku subtly suspects that Konatsu has a relationship with his big boss, hence Shin having some traits from the yakuza head honcho.

Naturally, it didn’t sit well as this yakuza boss grabbed Sukeroku and throw to the nearby pond. Had Yotarou’s former boss got in a bad mood, he’ll be dead by now!

However, Yotarou won’t back down since he’s the 3rd Generation Sukeroku as he delivered a rapid-fire rant that’s loud and clear!

Well, Tomokazu Seki made a stunning performance on this episode. Maybe next time, he should do rakugo in real-life.

In any case, the big boss was impressed on Sukeroku’s rakugo-like rant that he’ll overlook this incident for now.

Well, looks like rakugo has saved Sukeroku from getting into a deeper trouble!

As for Konatsu, seems that she thanked Sukeroku for saving her dignity as a mother and a woman. Also, Konatsu is started to think that her husband has found his own rakugo.

Then again, the 3rd Generation Sukeroku has a long way to go as he’ll have to complete his own style of rakugo and surpass the 8th Generation Yakumo Yurakutei!

And speaking of Yakumo Yurakutei, looks like he’s doing a rare performance of Ïnokori, where he ditches his soft and bawdy style into something that’s similar to the 2nd Generation Sukeroku.

I have to say that he’s still gets it but I think Yakumo should be careful as his student doesn’t want him to die just yet!

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