Little Witch Academia Episode #03

On this third episode, Atsuko Kagari is about to learn how to fly a broom. However, the fact that she has no magic talent would be very difficult for Akko-chan!

Also, it turns out that Akko and her friends are competing at a broom relay race in which Diana Cavendish will be the clear favorite to win. I mean, Diana is the ace after all!

Apart from Kagari, there’s one witch who’ll be competing in the broom relay race. This is Amanda O’Neill and she has a secret weapon when Amanda “brought” a special broom called Shooting Star.

Well actually, she stole it in order to one-up against Diana Cavendish, but the Shooting Star is very dangerous to use that many witches have blown away upon using the broom. In the end, Amanda O’Neill was disqualified not because she’s using a legendary broom, but because of Amanda’s teammates not bringing the baton to her.

As for the Shooting Star, Akko got the broom and now she’s holding it tight as Kagari is catching-up against Cavendish.

Unfortunately for Akko-chan, seems that she got blown away as the Shooting Star went up to the sky. I hope someone would get that runaway broom…

In the end, Diana Cavendish wins the broom relay as expected and there’s a lesson learned on this episode… Never use an item that’ll harm you unless you can control it! Honestly though, Atsuko Kagari should train harder to gain some magic powers.

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