Akiba’s Trip -The Animation- Episode #04

Here’s Tamotsu Denkigai as he traded idols for his passion on radio broadcasting.

I told you guys on the previous episode that Tamotsu won’t stick around with idols and also, he needs to wear a helmet when fixing radio towers!

Speaking of radio towers, there’s one that appeared in Akihabara out of nowhere and started destroying smartphones, PCs, and other electronic devices.

This is Denko Busujima and she’s possessed by the Bugged Ones, because Metrotica told Denko to follow her dreams of erecting a radio tower in Akihabara. But then again, who wants to build a tower anyway when there’s the old Tokyo Tower or the Tokyo Skytree!

Also, looks like Busujima employed a microwave gun to defend the tower from the Hazoku.

Yeah, both Matome and Tamotsu are doomed but Arisa-chan got stripped more that both of her team-mates!

On the other hand, it turns out that Denko Busujima has worked with Tejasvi Latu on the Bugged Ones. Under the supervision of Prof. Yagyuda, they come up ways of detecting the Bugged Ones via their faint radio waves and later create various counter-measures against the enemy.

Of course, Prof. Latu left to study various phenomenon in Akihabara which left both Busujima and Yagyuda to fund the Tokyo Tower 2 by themselves. In the end though, it failed and thus Denko swore vengeance by erecting that said tower.

Fortunately, there’s still hope for the Denkigai Mayonnaise as Tejasvi Latu came up with an idea of using morse code to send a message to Prof. Yagyuda…

…who currently resides in Brazil and working there to fund his research.

Anyways, he receives the message and told them to use aluminum. Why aluminum perhaps?

Well, aluminum can reflect microwaves which is why Tamotsu and his team are wearing aluminum foil suit.

Oh yeah, and Prof. Latu ordered thousands of chicken to get those foils for this suit. Of course, it would be better if they bought aluminum foil from the supermarket instead.

In any case, Denko Busujima is freed from the Bugged Ones! As for the Tokyo Tower 2, it was destroyed after Denko was defeated.

But even though her dreams have been shattered, Tejasvi Latu welcomed Busujima back with open arms. How sweet of this loli professor! Afterwards, Denko went to Brazil in order to help Prof. Yagyuda on earning research funds.

But that’s about it for this week’s episode of Akiba’s Trip. Of course, Metrotica’s existence is still a mystery…

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