ChäoS;Child Episode #03

Well, Masashi Kawahara is pretty much pissed towards Takuru Miyashiro that the student council president got stabbed by a madman!

I can agree towards Kawahara, but it can’t be helped then since Nono Kurusu got involved in this unfortunate string of events that happened in Shibuya.

Speaking of Nono Kurusu, she has survived but she needs to take a rest of her wound would get worse.

Glad that Takuru’s step-sister is okay but that one was a close call!

As for Takuru Miyashiro, I guess he’s reflecting on his mistake that he almost lost a sibling due to his ongoing investigation.

Had Kurusu didn’t survived, Miyashiro’s spirit would shatter into pieces.

Anyways, it’s time for Hekihou Academy’s school festival and it seems like a good time for Miyashiro to sit back and enjoy his last festival for the time being.

After all, he almost lost Kurusu and Takuru is a bit tired of investigating the Revived New Generation Madness serial suicides/murders!

Unfortunately, seems that the New Generation Madness has arrived at Hekihou when the guest speaker Watabe is vomiting sumo stickers from his belly, which he died from suffocation afterwards.

Damn, I have to say that this event is the most disgusting of all but it makes me very curious of why Watabe stuffed himself with stickers and got bloated as a result.

Meanwhile, Takeshi Shinjou and Mio Kunosato are here to ask the newspaper club about the latest incident since Takuru and the rest are prime suspects. Of course, they won’t get jailed just because they witnessed someone dying at their own school, so I think Takuru and his friends will be cleared of charges.

On the other hand, Takuru Miyashiro hypothesize that the victims related to the New Generation Madness have superpowers like predicting the future or communicating with various spirits. Then again, I’ve said that on the previous episode but it might be a possibility.

Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode and let’s hope that neither Takuru Miyashiro nor his friends and family will be killed off for finding out the truth behind the New Generation Madness!

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