Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 Episode #03

So let’s start with Kazuma Satou and Megumin as they go outside…

…and conduct explosion magic all day! Um, would it be better if they rescue Darkness-chan from Lord Aldarp?

Anyways, it’s time for another quest where Kazuma’s party are deep inside an unexplored dungeon where it has all the monsters that you typically see in various RPGs, from gremlins to undead soldiers.

Speaking of the undead, seems that the dungeon has plenty of it. Of course, Aqua can take care of those ghouls with her Turn Undead spell… and Nature’s Blessing!

Moving onto the next scene as both Aqua and Kazuma reached the boss chamber, where they meet Keele who commands the undead army.

While this former arch wizard turned lich expects them to come to his dungeon, especially Aqua and her holy aura, Keele is ready to…

…tell the former goddess to purify him and his beloved wife! Wait, that ain’t right since Keele is supposed to be the bad boss!

Also, it turns out that his wife was a princess which Keele took her away from the king, but got badly wounded and died so Keele wants to go up in heaven together with his wife.

But anyways, Aqua took Keele’s request as she used Sacred Turn Undead to purify him and his dead wife.

Well, that was a sweet ending to this week’s episode… Nah, this episode won’t conclude like that!

In fact, Kazuma Satou and Aqua must run away from these ghosts that were not under Keele’s control. Well actually, Kazuma got out of the dungeon before Aqua so let’s just say that he did an asshole move for once!

Well then, the exploration quest at Keele’s dungeon is complete, but I think Kazuma’s party should focus on saving Darkness-chan on the next episode… unless they got side-tracked again!

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