Kuzu no Honkai Episode #03

This is Sanae Ebato who became friends with Hanabi Yasuraoka after being saved by a molester.

Sure that they’re the best of buds, but Ecchan wants it more…

In fact, she’s in love with Hanabi and as you can see, it’s hot yuri action right here!

Still, even though Ecchan told her feelings to Hanabi, Yasuraoka’s heart belongs to her big brother Narumi Kanai. Poor Sanae…

Meanwhile, here’s another character that’s important to Mugi Awaya’s life.

This is Mei Hayakawa and on the surface, she looks like a popular girl…

However, she’s actually Mugi’s first partner. Yeah, Awaya had sex before but for Hayakawa, she disappeared after graduation!

But even though he had sex with Mei-sempai, his heart belongs to his former tutor Akane Minagawa.

And speaking of his crush, here’s Akane Minagawa who is a music teacher who loves Narumi Kanai on the surface, but let’s just say that Minagawa is a cheater who lusts other men.

Oh yeah, Akane-san brought a guy at a family restaurant, who is actually another student of Minagawa. I have to say that I pity Narumi-san…

But for Mugi, he’s getting a bit jealous that his crush has a guy! Y’know, would it be better if Awaya sticks to Hayakawa instead!

Well then, that’s about it on this week’s episode. What will Mugi and Hanabi do now that they found Akane-san’s secret?

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