Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen Episode #04

Oh look, it’s Shin who’s now grown into a fine young lad. I have to say that Shin-chan is a genius of doing rakugo at a young age thanks to his parents!

Speaking of Shin’s parents, his dad Sukeroku has bounced back from his shady past and now he’s getting popular with the kids due to his TV appearances.

Of course, popularity is one thing but for Sukeroku becoming a legend will take time unless another scandal erupts. C’mon, the man who was once known as Yotarou has had enough of bringing up his shady past!

Meanwhile, here’s Yakumo Yurakutei as he’s going home together with his grandson.

Oh yeah, and the 8th Generation Yakumo is joined by Eisuke Higuchi, who wants to ask for advice on making new stories for rakugo as the writer believes that his works will become classics.

However, what Higuchi saw was utter rejection as Yakumo Yurakutei would rather have rakugo die off than breathing new life into it.

Y’know, that wasn’t cool coming from the 8th Generation as some people wanted rakugo to flourish into the modern era. Even though he lost two important people in his life, Yakumo shouldn’t stop Higuchi and countless others who wanted to save this form of entertainment!

Lastly, here’s Konatsu as she performs “Jugemu” at her son’s kindergarten. For a woman who now plays the shamisen, Konatsu still has it just like her father. Honestly, I think we need female storytellers for this ancient art of rakugo!

But that’s about it for this week’s episode and I hope that there would not be a tragic end for rakugo as I want it to prosper!

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