BanG Dream! Episode #02

Here’s Kasumi Toyama as she wants to form a band after watching Glitter☆Green’s performance on the previous episode.

In any case, Kasumi tries to recruit two girls in her new band starting with Rimi Ushigome whose older sister Yuri is a member of Glitter☆Green, and Saya Yamabuki who is Kasumi’s first friend upon entering Hanasakigawa Girls’ Academy. Of course, neither of them are ready yet especially Rimi.

On the other hand, I would like to introduce to Arisa Ichigaya who owns the star-shaped guitar called Random Star, which she put it up for auction. That’s not nice there!

And by the way, Arisa played the piano before and also put up star-shaped stickers across various places. But you know what, I think Kasumi has found a keyboardist since Arisa has some experience.

Anyways, if Kasumi can’t buy that guitar with her own money, she’ll pay Arisa up with kindness as Toyama helps Ichigaya on cleaning a room.

All I can say is that Kasumi will do anything to get her hands on that guitar! Oh yeah, seems that Arisa is scared of spiders.

Thanks to her hardwork and kindness, Kasumi Toyama has finally got the Random Star from Arisa Ichigaya! Of course, she needs to learn how to play a guitar if Kasumi is serious on performing at a live audience.

For now, I’ll see you guys next week as she recruits some members to her band. Then again, we don’t know which instruments shall Rimi Ushigome and Saya Yamabuki take if they’re recruited.

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