Fuuka Episode #05

Well, it’s a surprise that Koyuki Hinashi is at Yuu Haruna’s house, talking about their childhood memories and such.

I have to say that it’s sweet to see this, but Koyuki is busy in her music career so she has little time on seeing Yuu-kun or Nico-kun.

Meanwhile, Fuuka Akitsuki and her mates are taking their first step on performing at a live audience by playing the instruments!

Then again, most of the band members (sans Makoto Mikasa) are amateurs when it comes to playing guitars, drums, etc.

Of course, the biggest beginner happens to be Yuu Haruna who couldn’t play the bass guitar. I think he needs to get good on playing the bass guitar!

On the other hand, seems that Fuuka found a good guitarist named Sara Iwami.

Even though she’s impressing on playing the guitar, Sara-sempai is kinda aloof and hard to get along with her band-mates which she got kicked out three times.

However, Fuuka Akitsuki doesn’t mind as she recruits Sara Iwami to her band. Having a good guitarist is one thing but what about communicating with other members?

Hell, even Sara-sempai will have a difficult time talking to an introvert like Yuu Haruna.

Of course, the fact that Yuu-kun accidentally landed his face onto Iwami’s chest might make things more harder!

So much that Yuu-kun got hit by Sara’s guitar. Ow, that’s gotta hurt!

You know what, I think Yuu Haruna should apologize to Sara Iwami later…

Meanwhile, Yuu-kun is at a family restaurant as he goes to his Twitter and talk about stuff to his follower 0704-yamato.

On the other hand, he asked if Sara Iwami is none other than 0704-yamato, but then again Yuu thinks that it’s impossible.

However, it turns out that 0704-yamato is actually Sara Iwami and her personality has changed from being a stoic to a cheerful young girl!

Wow, what a twist there and I have to say that both Yuu-kun and Sara-sempai will become great friends!

Anyways, it’s time for Fuuka and her band to take another step as they made improvements over their previous performance.

All I can say is that they practiced a lot…

…including Yuu Haruna where he played the bass guitar decently. On the other hand, Yuu-kun thinks that Fuuka brings all of her band-mates together and perform in harmony!

But that’s about it for this week’s episode as while Fuuka’s band is making progress, they still have a long way to go if they want to perform at the school festival!

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