Rewrite Episode #16

With the Occult Club finally assembled after a long hiatus, it’s time for Koutarou Tennouji and his friends to create a simulation of what humanity is heading just like how Kagari is doing it right now.

Of course, the likes of Akane Senri, Chihaya Ohtori, and Shizuru Nakatsu might lead Earth to its bad end!

And while they’re tinkering of the possibilities of letting Earth survive along with its inhabitants, seems that they saw what appears to be the Key as Koutarou witnessed one civilization collapsing due to their overuse of nature’s resources.

Even though the simulation doesn’t involve Sakura Kashima, it seems that Earth is already doomed no matter what path they should take!

Meanwhile, it appears that Koutarou Tennouji found a piece of his memory that was forgotten until now.

Turns out that Koutarou was actually older when he approached Kagari, but was gravely injured that he fell into a coma.

Still, Koutarou was saved when Kotori Kanbe used her druid powers to restore his health until the day he woke up… which is 10 years later. Gotta say that Koutarou went through hell far longer than any of the heroines!

But anyways, Kagari has finally reached a breakthrough thanks to Tennouji’s help, and now she’s making final adjustments to restore Earth and humanity!

Still, she’s vulnerable to Sakura’s wrath as she sends monsters to destroy any glimmer of hope for both humans and Earth.

This means that Koutarou’s friends like Lucia Konohana and Kotori Kanbe are getting overwhelmed by Sakura Kashima’s monster army.

Damn, I can’t bear to watch this carnage just because a senile old lady wants to curse all humanity for their abuse of nature!

On the other hand, seems that Koutarou has some reinforcements at the last minute. I wonder who could that be?

Why it’s none other than Sakuya Ohtori as he arrived to defend the Key from Sakura’s army, albeit a bit late as Sakuya is busy merging his persona from various worlds.

Glad that he’s here, but Sakuya should have arrived earlier to save his sister Chihaya from harm!

Anyways, both Sakuya and Koutarou fought against monsters until Kagari resets the world!

I have to admit, both of them are badasses!

Now then, Kagari has completed on remaking the world. However, it turns out that the world that Koutarou and his friends lived in was actually the moon itself.

Damn, what a twist there coming from Key and 8-bit!

Also, there’s another reveal that Kagari created an Earth-like environment on the moon in order not to get lonely and see good memories for her and Koutarou Tennouji.

Then again, it appears that Kagari will have to send Koutarou back to Earth and restore its health as well as fix humanity’s mistakes!

But that’s about it for today’s episode as Koutarou Tennouji and his friends must go to where it all started…

In fact, their actions and judgement will determine Earth’s future without the influence of Sakura Kashima’s wrath towards humanity!

Of course, I fear that Sakura’s spirit still lingers…

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