Seiren Episode #04

Well, here’s the final chapter to Hikari Tsuneki’s story arc as it seems that Hikari wants to tell Shouichi Kamita to forget their meeting at the study camp.

It turns out, Tsuneki has a crush on someone else like Tatsuya Araki, who is the most popular guy in Kibitou High School.

On the other hand, seems that they got interrupted by one of the disciplinary officers named Makoto Kamizaki. Then again, seems that Makoto is kinda timid to be an officer.

Anyways, she told both Tsuneki and Kamita that there’s some lewd activity going on at the rabbit shed. Would it be better if those people went inside a storage room or something?

Now then, Hikari and Shouichi went to the rabbit shed where it appears that Tatsuya Araki is being coerced by a girl. Who could this girl be perhaps?

Why it’s none other than Hikari Tsuneki’s best friend Yukie Takato, who turns out that she’s the one who told Hikari’s parent about her part-time job, which sends Tsuneki to the study camp so that Takato can take Araki-sempai by herself!

Yeah, that was a cheeky move coming from Hikari’s friend but there’s a silver lining to it as Tsuneki is open for Kamita to take her heart! As for Takato however, she later broke up with Araki-sempai due to some of his fetish or something…

In any case, seems that we’re heading towards a good ending between Hikari Tsuneki and Shouichi Kamita!

I mean, Hikari gave Shouichi’s track suit back to him after clearing up some misunderstandings…

…which then proceeds to kiss him at the beach. That was sweet coming from Tsuneki!

Unfortunately, it turns out that Tsuneki wants to achieve her dreams of becoming a chef by going to Spain and train there, and it was all thanks to Kamita for realizing it.

Why unfortunate? Because it turns out that they’ll remain friends until then, which is not what I hoping for!

In any case, that’s about it for Hikari Tsuneki’s story arc. Damn, Shouichi Kamita got friendzone’d in the end! If only they become a married couple after achieving their dreams…

Well, I have to say that this arc is just decent, but the ending didn’t impress me a bit. I mean, they’ll remain friends until 5 years later where Tsuneki returns to Japan? Fuck, I want Kamita to seal the deal with his chosen girl!

With that said, there’s still two more heroines to go but until then, I feel that Hikari Tsuneki’s story arc needs a better ending.

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