Little Witch Academia Episode #04

Here’s Lotte Yanson, a timid witch who is stuck with Atsuko Kagari and Sucy Manbavaran when there’s trouble.

On the other hand, Lotte is looking forward for the 365th volume of her favorite novel called Night Fall, as well as the reveal of its author Annabel Crème which she wrote the novel series for 120 years. This would happen in Saturday as Lotte wants to experience it!

Well unfortunately, she and her two friends are stuck with daily chores thanks to Akko stealing a tart at the pantry. That’s sucks for Lotte and I blame Akko for causing trouble!

However, Atsuko Kagari came up with an idea of sneaking out to the city, which would get into more trouble later once they got back to Luna Nova.

Anyways, the trio went to the Night Fall Festival where it not only celebrate the release of the 365th volume, but fans will have to chance to meet Annabel Crème who is a young girl!

Of course, fans will have the chance to meet their favorite author in person by answering all question.

Luckily for Lotte Yanson, she knows the novel series very muck like the back of her hand, which eventually got the grand prize among the thousands of fans!

But what Lotte Yanson get was a fountain pen from Annabel Crème, which the author told Lotte that she’ll become the thirteenth author for Night Fall before disappearing.

Well, that was unexpected but Lotte doesn’t want to be the author of her favorite novel series!

So, Lotte Yanson and her friends started searching for Annabel Crème since Lotte couldn’t take her role as the next author of Night Fall.

After all, making a story is very hard especially when Night Fall is written by 12 different people for over 120 years! Would it be nice if Night Fall ended on the 365th volume?

Anyways, Lotte used her magic to talk to fairies in order to find Annabel Crème, but the fairy from the fountain pen couldn’t find the author.

Eventually, they found the 12th Annabel Crème and Lotte told her that she’s the only one who can make interesting stories within the Night Fall universe. C’mon, Lotte believes in her ability to make new plots that would entice people to read more!

In any case, seems that Lotte Yanson has not only got her copy of the 365th volume, but managed to convince the author to do more in Night Fall. Of course, she and her two friends will get punished later for ditching their work at Luna Nova!

Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode…

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