Sangatsu no Lion Episode #15

Here’s Kyouko Kouda as she sneaks into a room from the window…

…and went to Rei Kiriyama’s futon. Honestly, I feel that despite her hatred towards Rei-kun, Kyouko is very much a troubled girl despite stalking Masamune Gotou to hell and back!

Meanwhile, it’s the duel between Kai Shimada and Masamune Gotou in a best-of-3 match to see who’ll take the trophy at the Lion King Tournament.

Of course, this title bout will be a slugfest as Shimada couldn’t keep up against Gotou’s offense, therefore conceding in the first match.

Of course, Kai Shimada won’t let himself become a loser in front of his pupil Harunobu Nikaidou as he’ll turn it around!

Anyways, the second match saw Shimada coming on top against Gotou, which lead to its third and decisive match. However, the 8th dan player won’t recruit Kiriyama to his shogi camp for the time being, even though Nikaidou insisted of having his rival get better under Shimada’s care…

As it turns out, Rei-kun will have to attend classes or he’ll repeat a year. Sucks that Takeshi Hayashida’s suggestion might be put on hold for now.

While I expect the final match between Shimada and Gotou on the next episode, I hope there’s a comeback for Kiriyama or he won’t recover!

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