Akiba’s Trip -The Animation- Episode #05

This episode is sponsored by Capcom, makers of Street Fighter V which the game is having problems!

But for Tamotsu Denkigai or Tamo-II, it’s his time to be the best because…

…Tamotsu’s sister Niwaka was kidnapped. Yeah, this is just a random episode to promote a shitty game!

Anyways, Tamo-II trained to the fullest and fought all adversaries to face Matsuko, who is the best Street Fighter player ever!

Basically, she’s the female version of Daigo Umehara but let’s get on with the action as she goes all out. Oh, and Matsuko took her clothes off in order to heighten her senses or something.

Of course, Tamo-II won’t get beaten by Matsuko that easily as he strips too, even though he’s a Hazoku and Tamotsu will die if his clothes are gone!

Anyways, through his training with Tejasvi Latu, Tamo-II managed to do the impossible…

…by defeating Matsuko on the final round! Well, Tamotsu did a great job of using Chun-Li, of course Capcom will nerf her along with some strong characters.

As for Matsuko, she congratulate Tamotsu even though his boxers are off. Also, she doesn’t know about Niwaka’s kidnapping and it’s confirmed that Matsuko is not a Bugged One.

So with that said, who kidnapped Tamotsu’s sister?

Well, it’s this commentator who kidnapped Niwaka so that Tamotsu can join the Akiba Way Way Evolution Fight SFV tournament.

Not sure if this guy dressed up as Guile is possessed by a Kurobug, but he’s so annoying like Low Tier God!

And so, Tamotsu punched this nameless commentator as he’s just a random prick. Now then, where’s Niwaka?

Well, she’s fine as Niwaka is playing a game. I knew that Tamotsu was set-up to join a tournament sponsored by Capcom!

And that’s the end of this week’s episode. Honestly, I think promoting Street Fighter V on this show is a bad idea, especially when it’s the 30th anniversary of the fighting game series! But hey, there are some SF players who are “keep fighting and make the future brighter” as Hyadain’s song emphasize that!

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