ChäoS;Child Episode #04

Well guys and girls, Takuru Miyashiro and his friends are sneaking to an abandoned hospital, because they think that the building has some answers related to the New Generation Madness.

Honestly though, it’s a bad idea to sneak there as the hospital might have eerie things happening inside!

Anyways, they went inside the AH Tokyo General Hospital where on the surface, it’s just a typical hospital.

But as they go deeper into the building, something strange is happening for both Takuru Miyashiro and Serika Onoe…

In fact, they’re experiencing flashbacks where Takuru and Serika saw a girl being gagged-up , calling for help when both Miyashiro and Onoe couldn’t do anything to save her.

I have to say that they experienced this horrible memory of their lives, now in the form of delusions.

With that said, Takuru Miyashiro started screaming due to his delusions. Although Serika Onoe experienced less, Takuru suffered more that he’s almost losing himself!

Fortunately, Mio Kunosato is here to calm Takuru down or should I say strangle him until Miyashiro passed out. Well, he almost passed out I should say.

But either way, she’s here to investigate inside AH Tokyo General Hospital.

Anyways, it turns out that the hospital is conducting brain experiments in order to unlock psychic powers by injecting delusions into their system. In short, they’re forcing patients to wield a Di-sword, just to match Takumi Nishijou and his friends’ capabilities where they’re called Gigalomaniacs 6 years ago.

As for the experiment, it turns out that patients are getting a reaction when it comes to this special Rorschach pattern, which it looks like a Sumo Sticker. One patient named Senri Minamisawa got an unusual reaction on the eleventh Rorschach pattern and survived the experiment before disappearing during the Shibuya Earthquake, which also puts an end to the AH Tokyo General Hospital.

But even though the hospital has become abandoned, most of the patients still confined there and they either have permanent brain damage or got insane afterwards! However, there’s one who managed to survived the experiment and is now taking care of the patients at the hospital…

… and that’s Uki Yamazoe in which Kunosato put a sleeper hold on Yamazoe and nabbed her. Well, I have to say that grabbing Uki by force isn’t good.

But anyways, Takuru Miyashiro and his friends managed to escape from the hospital while Mio Kunosato took Uki Yamazoe under her care for the time being. After all, Kunosato has some questions for Yamazoe regarding the experiment.

With that said, I’ll see you again next week if they managed to find some answers from Uki Yamazoe!

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