Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 Episode #04

So after last week’s episode where they got the reward after clearing Keele’s dungeon, Kazuma Satou and his party are back to being penniless due to buying booze and food!

Seriously, are they gonna save Darkness-chan or what?

Then again, I wonder who this girl is as it seems familiar… Wait a minute, that’s Darkness-chan!

So what’s with her getup if you may ask? Well, Darkness is being married off…

…to this young noble named Alexei Barnes Walther, the son of Lord Aldarp.

Gotta say that Dark- I mean Dustiness Ford Lalatina won’t marry that sleazebag, but it seems that she’s helpless because Dustiness likes being ravished by scumbags. What a masochist!

Anyways, it turns out that Alexei wants to turn down the marriage proposal but it appears that he’s getting interested towards Dustiness. But let’s be honest her about Dusti- or Darkness-chan!

I mean, Darkness tore her dress and challenged Alexei to a duel, even though he won’t hurt a woman due to being a knight!

As much as she learned how to fight, Darkness-chan is a depraved woman and there’s nothing that Alexei and Kazuma’s party can do.

Hell, even Kazuma douse Darkness with water and drain her strength with his Drain Touch skill. She’s truly is a masochistic crusader!

Anyways, Alexei Barnes Walther told everyone that he’ll forget about the engagement as Alexei believes that Kazuma Satou can protect Dustiness Ford Lalatina.

Nah, I’ll call her Darkness-chan as always!

Speaking of Darkness-chan, the crusader told everyone that she’s pregnant with Kazuma’s child.

Really Darkness-chan, that’s far worse than being raped by Lord Aldarp!

On the other hand, even Darkness’ father believes in her words even though Kazuma is still a virgin. Ugh, I give up now!

Anyways, glad that Darkness-chan has returned to Kazuma’s party. Of course, there’s still more trouble ahead!

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