Kuzu no Honkai Episode #04

Remember Akane Minagawa? Yes, this woman who had sex with many men and then dump them in the end after she’s done!

All I can say is that she wants all the boys to look at her in a sexual way, although Akane-san doesn’t love them back because she’s a bitch.

I wonder what will Mugi Awaya’s feelings be like if he got toyed by Akane-san? Of course, it won’t be pretty…

By the way, here’s Narumi Kanai who has a crush on Akane Minagawa from the day he met her back in Spring.

However, little did he know that Minagawa is a heart-breaking slut, which means that he’s like the protagonist where he got NTR’d by everyone!

Heck, Kanai confessed his feelings for Minagawa at the music room where Hanabi Yasuraoka watch him from a distance.

I have to admit, Yasuraoka’s heart felt distraught about the confession, yet I fear that Minagawa would dump Kanai in the end once she’s done playing with him!

Meanwhile, here’s Sanae Ebato as she wants to press her feelings towards Hanabi Yasuraoka.

As much as Ecchan wants to love her best friend, I don’t think Hanabi would love her back!

I mean, Yasuraoka is using Ecchan to ease the pain of being hurt by Kanai’s confession. And yes, it’s hot when you have two girls making out!

I don’t know what’s gonna happen next week as things are getting complicated for Hanabi Yasuraoka and Mugi Awaya on getting their one true love… although I’m worried about Akane Minagawa and her bitchy attitude!

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