Masamune-kun’s Revenge Episode #05

Here’s Yoshino Koiwai as she acts as a gun-tottin’ guardian for Aki Adagaki!

Although last week’s episode was a case of misunderstanding due to the arrival of a mysterious girl, Masamune Makabe wants to clear that up…

…especially when that said girl happened to be a transfer student. Anyways, this is Neko Fujinomiya and starting on this episode, she’ll be joining Makabe’s class as it turns out that Neko knows Masamune 3 years ago.

Really Neko-sama, I don’t think Masamune remembered you since he’s shaving off fat during those last 3 years.

So with that said, Masamune wants to clear out those misunderstandings yet for Neko-sama, she wants Makabe to notice her.

Oh Neko Fujinomiya, it’s not like he knows you much as Masamune just met you!

Also, looks like Neko Fujinomiya encountered Aki Adagaki which is bad because the Cruel Princess might do something bad to either Fujinomiya or even Makabe.

Not until Masamune interrupt their squabble when he opened the window.

After all, both Aki-sama and Neko-sama needed some fresh air to calm themselves down!

But then again, seems that Masamune brought too much air that Fujinomiya’s skirt lifting up, revealing that she’s not wearing any panties!

In any case, looks like the confrontation between two rich girls has averted for now. Of course, Neko-sama will continue to stalk- I mean approach Masamune-kun when there’s a chance.

Speaking of Masamune-kun, he’s cleaning the swimming pool together with Aki-sama.

But then, Aki-sama fell into the pool and starting to drown as Adagaki couldn’t swim.

Fortunately for Aki-sama, Masamune-kun managed to rescue her but he needs to be careful of falling in love with his enemy.

Also, Aki-sama is fine as the pool is shallow. For a Cruel Princess who can do anything, swimming isn’t her forte and that was pathetic in my opinion!

In any case, I’ll see you on the next episode! As for Aki-sama, seems that she’s starting to have feelings for Masamune-kun, which his revenge plan is starting to take shape… until Neko Fujinomiya ruined it.

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