Fuuka Episode #06

Ah Koyuki Hinashi, one of Japan’s rising music stars whose songs are all about unrequited love.

In fact, Koyuki is in love with Yuu Haruna when they’re still kids!

So much that they made a promise on creating a band and perform together, much like their favorite band HEDGEHOGS.

Unfortunately for Koyuki, her parents got split up and she moved to Tokyo together with her mother. It’s sad that Koyuki couldn’t spend time with Yuu-kun until he moved to Tokyo.

But still, they remembered their promise of performing together in the future but it would be nice if Koyuki Hinashi told her feelings right away to Yuu Haruna.

But then again, both of them are world’s apart where Koyuki is a professional musician while Yuu-kun is just a high school student. It would be bad if someone made a scandal about their meeting…

Meanwhile, here’s Fuuka Akitsuki as she met Koyuki Hinashi by chance.

Of course, Fuuka doesn’t want Koyuki going home with her clothes dirty…

So, she invited Hinashi to her apartment where there’s a bathhouse on the ground floor. Wait, did Fuuka lived to that apartment where her mother Suzuka used to stay there?

Anyways, they’re talking about some advice of making music for Fuuka, as well as some tales of unrequited love for Koyuki. Of course, Koyuki told Fuuka that it would be better if she make upbeat songs since her music is more melodramatic. As for Fuuka, she supported Koyuki on telling her feelings to Yuu-kun in the future, but it’ll be hard for Hinashi to convey it since she’s a celebrity.

But that’s about it for this week’s episode as I’ll see you on the next episode! Let’s hope that Koyuki’s meeting with her childhood friend won’t become a big deal…

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