Seiren Episode #05

And now, I would like to introduce to the second heroine for Seiren. This is Tooru Miyamae who is a 3rd year student at Kibitou High School, and also a hardcore player in which she played various games.

Of course, this led to the formation of an unofficial gaming club together with Ikuo Nanasaki, Tatsuya Araki, and Shouichi Kamita.

In any case, let’s start with a hunting session with MiliUsa…

…which is a Monster Hunter-like game with military furries as character. Yeah, seems that they’re doing fine there but Tooru Miyamae is acing this game!

Also, both Tooru-sempai and Shouichi are playing GusGal which is basically Gundam Versus, but who cares whether the game in Seirei is a knock-off or a spoof…

…as Miyamae is good at playing GusGal, even though it’s been a long time that she played this arcade game.

Gotta say that Shouichi is starting to notice on Tooru-sempai that he took Miyamae’s offer of becoming a partner.

Anyways, I think we might see Shouichi spending time with Tooru-sempai on the next episode!

After all, she’s a thing of beauty and Miyamae is good at everything other than video games.

Then again, seems that Tooru-sempai has another guy at her apartment… or it could be that Miyamae is at a love hotel which is bad for Shouichi Kamita since he might not have her!

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