Urara Meirochou Episode #05

Well look what we have here, seems that Chiya looked so stunning in her kimono!

Then again, she feels that her outfit is a bit stiff compared to her previous wardrobe.

But hey, Chiya is wearing a kimono for this special occasion so she needs to be docile for once!

Anyways, this week’s episode shows girls marrying gods. Well, they’re not literally marrying them, but Chiya and her friends are attending a festival where they need to look good to please the gods and other divine beings.

But with that said, they’re here to celebrate with food and drinks as long as they don’t get fat!

Speaking of drinks, Chiya got a taste of sake which she got tipsy afterwards. Wow, she got drunk easily I would say!

And speaking of being drunk, Chiya’s tipsiness makes her a bit sexy…

…which then attracted a pack of wild animals due to Chiya’s pheromones. Looks like Captain Saku will have a word for her afterwards!

On the other hand, Chiya encountered what it supposed to be a divine being, although it seems that this fox-like spirit is mysterious that there’s no indication on whether it’s a bad spirit or a good one.

So when Chiya asked this mysterious being about its name, it vanished and Chiya passed out. Good thing Captain Saku managed to bring her back to Natsume-ya!

Of course, Chiya got a cold after drinking a cup of sake (which is weirdly impossible) so Kon Tatsumi and the rest took care of her until she’s all better.

Then again, they’re doing a relay since Kon couldn’t feed directly to Chiya-chan. Oh Kon-chan…

And going back to Kon, she seems curious on why Chiya encountered that mysterious being in the meadow. However, Nina-sensei told Kon that there’s a possibility that Chiya can see gods.

Of course, Kon has the potential to see those divine beings too if she work hard and have trust with her friends! I mean, Kon has ample time to catch up and become a first-rate urara.

And that’s about it for this week’s episode! As for Chiya-chan, she’ll get better next week…

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