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Sangatsu no Lion Episode #16

Hey everyone, let’s start this week’s episode with the return of Kawamoto family as they prepare for the Hinamatsuri, a traditional holiday for girls. It’s been a while since I saw the sisters and their grandpa! Oh yeah, it’s time … Continue reading

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Rewrite Episode #17

Well look what we have here, seems that Kagari has rebooted the world and recreated this original timeline. Or this could be a flashback where Koutarou Tennouji was kinda apathetic. Either way, this is how Koutarou looked like before meeting … Continue reading

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BanG Dream! Episode #03

Ah Rimi Ushigome, this girl is the younger sister of Glitter☆Green’s band leader Yuri Ushigome. While Kasumi Toyama wanted to recruit Rimi-rin to her band, seems that she couldn’t join it for the time being…

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