Rewrite Episode #17

Well look what we have here, seems that Kagari has rebooted the world and recreated this original timeline. Or this could be a flashback where Koutarou Tennouji was kinda apathetic.

Either way, this is how Koutarou looked like before meeting Kagari. At day, Koutarou was a bum who often getting dragged by his parents…

…but at night, he becomes the Earth-Saving Hunter where Koutarou is a jerkass who has blood-controlling powers!

Yeah, I would say that his personality is vastly different from his current one.

However, it seems that Koutarou still has a soft side when he saw this sapling. I wonder if this sapling happened to be Kagari?

In any case, Koutarou Tennouji questioned on why should he accept Martel, or should I say Gaia’s prophecy of destroying human civilization in order to restore Earth’s nature. I mean, he’s tired of being dragged by his mom and dad on attending seminars by the Martel Group!

Then again, it appears that he got chomped by this dinosaur-like creature. Sucks that Koutarou is gonna die before meeting the Key!

But not to worry though as someone rescued him. Hmm, this guy looks familiar…

Oh yes, this is Esaka who is the leader of Guardian, protectors of human civilization and they’re basically at war with Gaia.

Of course, Esaka wants to keep this monster-hunting mission a secret to everyone. Heck, he told Koutarou that it’s all just another job of keeping animals to their cages. Then again, Koutarou will eventually know about these monsters.

And finally, here’s Kotori Kanbe who is just a little girl in the original timeline. Also, her parents once joined the Martel Group before leaving it altogether.

All I could say is that she’s quiet and doesn’t care about anything including Koutarou Tennouji… Well, except for her pet dog Pero in which she always take care of it. Sadly, Pero didn’t last long as the dog was previously abused by its former owners.

But anyways, I think the next episode will continue exploring the original timeline as Koutarou’s life would change forever.

Also, it’s sucks that his relationship with Kotori Kanbe didn’t change much!

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