Sangatsu no Lion Episode #16

Hey everyone, let’s start this week’s episode with the return of Kawamoto family as they prepare for the Hinamatsuri, a traditional holiday for girls. It’s been a while since I saw the sisters and their grandpa!

Oh yeah, it’s time for the deciding match between Masamune Gotou and Kai Shimada on this episode. And you thought that Gotou won the match, right?

But it was actually Shimada won prevailed the 3rd and final bout against Gotou! Despite being weary after the match, Shimada felt a sigh of relief as he defeated his opponent.

Of course, the 8th dan player won’t take a rest yet as Kai Shimada will face Touji Souya, who is the best shogi player in the country. Yeah, I briefly discussed about him back in Episode 6 but it’ll be interesting to see Shimada challenging Master Souya!

On the other hand, looks like Rei Kiriyama is eager to join Kai Shimada’s shogi workshop in order to get better. After all, he can’t solve his problems by himself all the time!

In any case, Shimada accepts Kiriyama and took the young shogi player under his care. Can’t wait to see Rei-kun improving his play once he’s at the workshop!

Then again, it appears that Shimada’s workshop has a heavy atmosphere that the 8th dan player is suffocating at the presence of Kiriyama, Nikaidou, and a “mean” player named Morio Shigeta.

Of course, Kiriyama just caught on Shimada’s weariness but let’s hope that his time at the workshop will be smooth-sailing! But anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode… Have fun, Rei-kun!

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