Akiba’s Trip -The Animation- Episode #06

On this episode, Tamotsu Denkigai will make his own computer with the help from this guy named Kage.

Although he bought all the parts, Tamotsu’s PC won’t work unless there’s an OS installed.

So, Tejasvi Latu offered Tamotsu her “experimental” operating system called LATux, which has artificial intelligence.

I’m hoping that Latu’s OS won’t turn against humanity because Akiba’s Trip might become a Terminator-esque show!

But anyways, Tamotsu’s personal AI installed in his PC is Pyuko and he got attracted to his “personal” computer.

Well, I gotta say that it’s creepy but Tamotsu really loves Pyuko!

So much that Tejasvi Latu upgraded Pyuko to become a mobile PC. I wish Prof. Latu should have modeled it to Chobits’ PersoCom, which are very attractive.

In any case, I think this episode won’t have any trouble caused by the Bugged Ones, since it’s all about Tamotsu and his PC companion Pyuko visiting various places in Akihabara…

Suddenly, seems that some PCs sold from MofMap are running amok and it turns out that this representative is the one who caused this mess.

Anyways, Lawrie Barbara is possessed by a Kurobug- Scratch that, she’s a Hazoku!

And as you can see, she’s easily defeated by Tamotsu with a quick strip of her clothes before disappearing into nothingness.

Well then, looks like this crisis is over now that Lawrie Barbara is gone… except that it was just a beginning of something terrifying.

It appears that Lawrie’s death has triggered a program, which all of the MofMap PCs gather together and combine into a giant PC robot!

As you can see, it’s bulldozing everyone down like some sort of small-fry viruses.

And to make matters worse, this giant PC has a self-destruction system where it’ll destroy all of Akihabara once the power cable is unplugged!

Fortunately, Pyuko is here to save the day as Tamotsu’s “personal” computer risked her life to save Akihabara from destruction.

And there she goes as Pyuko died on saving Akiba from becoming a wasteland. May her soul rest in the big hard drive in the sky…

As for Tamotsu Denkigai, he’ll remember his time spent with Pyuko in his heart. Then again, Tamotsu will have to buy another PC minus Tejasvi Latu’s LATux operating system.

In any case, I’ll see you on the next episode and I hope Metrotica would do something serious next time!

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