BanG Dream! Episode #04

Here’s Kasumi Toyama as she’s showing-off her brand-spanking Random Star guitar to her classmates. Then again, Kasumi is just a beginner…

However, seems that she got herself a tutor as Tae Hanazono is also a guitarist.

Oh yeah, and since she knows how to play an instrument, O-Tae strum her guitar like a pro! Not really a professional, but Hanazono has the experience to back up…

Impressed by O-Tae’s guitar playing skills, Kasumi Toyama decides to learn from her, because she wants to perform at the school festival as well as Live House Space.

Then again, Tae Hanazono won’t recommend on performing there as it turns out that she’s actually working there as a cashier. Don’t know why she doesn’t like to perform at Live House Space, but I’m hoping that Kasumi’s enthusiasm would convince O-Tae on performing alongside her!

Meanwhile, it appears that Arisa Ichigaya is angry that Kasumi didn’t visit her house after taking lessons from Tae Hanazono.

Well, seems that Arisa is getting jealous over O-Tae! But you know what, Kasumi forgives her because they’re friends.

Also, seems that Ichigaya shows off her brand-new keyboard to both Kasumi Toyama and Rimi Ushigome! After all, she’s good at playing the keyboard or the piano.

Well then, looks like Kasumi’s band is starting to take shape, but I feel that it needs a lot of work before taking on Glitter☆Green!

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