ChäoS;Child Episode #05

Oh look, Hinae Arimura is here to ask questions on the previous episode when Takuru Miyashiro and his club-mates went to AH Tokyo General Hospital and investigate there!

On the other hand, Hinae Arimura suspects Takuru Miyashiro that he has telekinesis or psychokinesis, which Takuru denies of having one where the truth is (according to Hinae) that he has powers, albeit unconsciously.

Well, I guess that Takuru experienced various delusions during his visit to AH Tokyo General Hospital.

Meanwhile, here’s Nono Kurusu as she’s recuperating from her injury. Also, Serika Onoe is here to see Nono since they’re classmates.

On the other hand, seems that Nono knows about Senri Minamisawa as Kuruso told Onoe that she visited AH Tokyo General Hospital before to check her friend. Alas, Kurusu wasn’t aware that Minamisawa is being tortured in the name of science.

But let’s go back to Takuru Miyashiro as it seems that he’s getting migraines upon seeing the sumo stickers, which it opened its eyes and started staring at him!

While he’s experiencing another delusion, I think that Takuru’s delusion is turning into a reality.

On the other hand, he and Hinae encountered a psychic who is not here to make friends (obviously), but rather to hurt them…

Oh, and this female Gigalomaniac can use pyrokinesis but Hinae Arimura blocked it with her Di-sword.

Well, seems that Hinae can wield it, albeit in transparent form. However, looks like Arimura got scared her encounter with a hostile Gigalomaniac that she peed herself!

Anyways, both Arimura and Miyashiro managed to escape harm, but it seems that their psychic powers are growing after that encounter.

Lastly, Takeshi Shinjou went to AH Tokyo General Hospital to do his own investigation. However, seems that he encountered a familiar person…

…who is none other than Uki Yamazoe in which she returned to the hospital, only to find out that the patients that she supposed to take care of are gone. It could be that someone took them away or it’s just one of Yamazoe’s delusion, although I’ll be pointing out the latter.

Anyways, looks like the cast are starting to have psychic powers, but I wonder who’s behind all of the sumo stickers, as well as the revived New Generation Madness? In any case, I’ll see you on the next episode as I expect clear answers… or even more bizarre questions.

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