Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 Episode #05

So, are you asking me how did Aqua got a lump on her head? Well, seems that after purifying Keele and his wife’s spirit from last week’s episode, Aqua made a magic circle and all of the monsters ran away and roam somewhere!

Gotta say that Kazuma Satou and his party will have to take care of their mess…

…except that the monsters are different from the ghouls in the previous episode. These little critters might be cute, but they’re not!

In fact, they explode upon hugging a suspecting adventurer and Aqua became the first victim.

Well, sucks to be a goddess/arch priest but it’s time for Kazuma and Darkness to venture into the dungeon by themselves until they reached Keele’s chamber.

Of course, they need to beat this masked guy first. Anyways, this is Vanir who is one of the demon lord’s commanders in which he claims that he’s the most powerful.

Then again, Vanir is such an opportunist that he occupied Keele’s dungeon and claim it as his own… Oh, and he took Wiz’s money because he’s an asshole or some sort!

Fortunately, Darkness-chan made a fatal blow against Vanir. Actually, Darkness-chan landed a lucky slash with the help from Kazuma Satou.

But hey, I’m glad that they defeated one of the demon lord’s commanders!

Except that Vanir took over Dustiness- I mean Darkness’ body because he’s an opportunist.

Then again, Vanir couldn’t control Darkness’ iron will as she can still control her body. In fact, she likes being controlled which isn’t surprising for me!

In any case, Kazuma Satou proceeds to erase Aqua’s magic circle while Darkness bides time to hold Vanir off.

Gotta say, the strongest commander isn’t all that powerful when it comes to controlling other adventurers. Also, he’s a death seeker while trolling heroes after they get the “non-existent” prize.

As for Darkness- I mean Vanir, he’ll be exorcised by Aqua since Vanir is part of the demon lord’s army.

Then again, her magic isn’t working as planned as Aqua’s Sacred Exorcism isn’t enough to bring Vanir down.

So, it’s time for Megumin’s explosion magic to blast Vanir away along with Darkness-chan.

Well, it’s the only solution to this problem so it can’t be helped but using her explosion magic!

And there it goes as Vanir vanished into nothingness, but then again I’m worried about Dusti- I mean Darkness-chan!

Will that masochistic knight be alright? I’d say that Darkness will be fine…

See? She tanked Megumin’s explosion like it’s nothing to her. Of course, her armor needs to be replaced as it got destroyed.

In another news, Sena declared that Kazuma Satou is found innocent and he’s free from suspicion…

…which means that he can do heroic things without worries. Glad that his name is cleared up!

But with that said, glad that the episode made a triumphant finish but Kazuma will have to be careful from now on like having his reputation ruined again from Lord Aldarp.

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