Kuzu no Honkai Episode #05

“So, you want more sex or you’re gonna talk about Akane-san?”

Well, looks like we have more Mei Hayakawa spending her time with Mugi Awaya, because they’re sex friends and nothing else!

Keep in mind that it’s all a flashback where Mugi recently popped his cherry during middle school, and he’s starting to fall in love with Akane Minagawa…

Well, until he found out that Akane-san is dating other men because she can’t live without them.

Then again, Mugi still loves his tutor anyway but damn, he got NTR’d the whole time and right in front of him!

Anyways, I think both Hayakawa and Awaya spend more time having sex until graduation. Then again, I wonder what happened to Mei Hayakawa afterwards…

And speaking of Akane Minagawa, she’s here to toy with Narumi Kanai at a love hotel!

After all, she’s drunk and Akane-san is ready to have sex with Narumi-san, because Minagawa wants to rub salt on Hanabi Yasuraoka’s wounds!

Lastly, Hanabi is about to lose her virginity to Mugi-kun because she got caught in the spur of the moment.

See, Mugi is kissing every part of her body… Unfortunately, Hanabi backed out at the last minute, which is a shame really as Akane-san popped Narumi’s cherry at the end of this episode!

Really Hana-chan, you disappoint me for being a scaredy cat in bed! Ugh, I wonder if the next episode would be worse than this?

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