Little Witch Academia Episode #05

Here’s Atsuko Kagari as she mixes various ingredients to make a potion. Naturally, this would end up in failure as Akko just blends it all without thinking about the result.

Honestly, Akko should have studied more or she’ll end up as a dunce!

Anyways, this episode introduces Amanda O’Neill’s friends, the “scientific” witch named Constanze Braunschbank Albrechtsberger and the chubby witch Jasminka Antonenko.

While Constanze makes machines to augment her weak magic powers (or so they say), Jasminka can lift heavy things apart from eating too much food. Gotta say that Amanda’s buddies have some flaws in it!

And speaking of Amanda O’Neill, she got stuck with Atsuko Kagari as the teachers told them to clean the tower until it’s sparkling clean.

Well, it’s sucks for both dunces although Akko has no magic powers (unless there’s danger), while Amanda is a bonafide troublemaker and occasionally a cheater!

But that’s until a group of dragons appeared and stole the Sorcerer’s Stone, which is essential of producing magic within Luna Nova.

Without the stone, the students and the teachers can’t use magic at all!

Not content with staying inside the academy and do chores, Akko and her ragtag friends went to the Rastaban Ruins to get the Sorcerer’s Stone back!

Of course, some of them got captured by a horde of dragons, leaving Amanda and Akko behind and do all the dirty work.

Eventually, both Amanda and Akko-chan when deeper into the Rastaban Ruins, but they encountered a dragon in which not only held their friends hostage but Akko got caught like a bug.

Well, that’s the end of Atsuko Kagari’s life as a witch! Then again, it looks like the dragon won’t eat Akko that easily.

It turns out that this dragon happened to be the loan shark of Luna Nova. This is Fafnir and he wants the academy to pay up or Luna Nova will be repossessed and be sold off together with the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Then again, selling off the stone and the academy won’t cover the debt, something that Akko-chan is complaining about it!

Luckily, Diana Cavendish arrived to tell Fafnir that the promissory note has no such thing as interests, which means Luna Nova won’t obliged to pay anything other than the initial debt that the academy has right now.

Basically, Fafnir made an excuse to rake more money from Luna Nova.

And yes, he couldn’t run away now that Diana Cavendish told the truth. Well then, looks like Diana saved the day and everyone praised her… except for Amanda O’Neill and Atsuko Kagari!

With that said, Luna Nova might be saved for now as well as the Sorcerer’s Stone, but the next episode will be back in business as usual.

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