Masamune-kun’s Revenge Episode #06

Well, seems that Neko Fujinomiya is finding Masamune Makabe, but he’s currently cleaning the pool together with Aki Adagaki.

So, Neko asked Yoshino Koiwai about his whereabouts, but it seems that she doesn’t know where Masamune-kun is. Also, Koiwai felt that Fujinomiya is a dangerous person but I don’t think she’s that evil, right?

And speaking of Masamune-kun, he’s about to kiss Aki-sama as requested by her, even though Makabe planned it as a last step to his revenge plan.

Oh what the hell, let’s skip all the steps and go straight with the damn kiss already!

Then again, Adagaki’s mind isn’t ready so she blocked Masamune’s lips for now… Welp, he got cock-blocked real hard!

On the other hand, both Yoshino Koiwai and Neko Fujinomiya got invited by Masamune’s loli mother for dinner, ’cause it would be nice to have companions on the table.

Also, seems that Masamume’s mother knows about Neko Fujinomiya, but that sub-plot will be saved for later…

As for Masamune-kun, looks like he wasn’t pleased by having two visitors at his house.

I mean, even though Yoshino Koiwai knows who Makabe really is back then, he doesn’t want his secret being revealed by Neko Fujinomiya!

Anyways, looks like Neko-sama had a lot of fun at Masamune’s house. Seems that she’s starting to fall in love with him!

But then again, looks like Fujinomiya got something that Makabe doesn’t want to see. Damn, I’d say that Neko-sama is some sort of a devil in angel’s clothing!

Well then, I’ll see you on the next episode…

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