Rewrite Episode #18

Sakura Kashima, also known as the Saint and the leader of Gaia in which the organization is known under the name of the Martel Group.

There’s nothing to talk about Kashima as she hated humanity of abusing Earth’s resources! Of course, Koutarou Tennouji left the Martel Group anyway…

…and joined Guardian where Sougen Esaka convince Koutarou to become a soldier against Gaia as Esaka sees him as a valuable asset.

While I have to say that Koutarou made a good decision of switching sides, I think that his ordeal will begin once he joined at Guardian!

So anyways, Koutarou Tennouji joined countless people with superpowers and trained together to become Guardian’s soldiers.

Then again, it appears that Koutarou couldn’t live to their expectations as he’s dead last all the time. Maybe he’s just holding it back!

But still, Esaka sees Tennouji as having the potential to become a powerful asset to Guardian, so he personally trained Koutarou in order to become stronger. And yet, Koutarou couldn’t reach that level with his fellow peers. That’s sucks, he should have used his rewriting powers to augment himself!

In any case, Koutarou Tennouji finished his training and he’s about to be deployed in Kazamatsuri. Yes, he’s going back to his home town in order to stop Gaia, but will Koutarou save both humanity and Earth this time? We’ll never know until the next episode or two…

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