Sangatsu no Lion Episode #17

Here’s Kai Shimada, the 8th dan shogi player who recently beat Masamune Gotou, earning the right to challenge the champion who basically won every tournament at the age of 15.

Yes, I’m talking about Touji Souya as his appearance hasn’t changed since becoming a professional player when he was a middle school student.

This guy might have the eternal looks, but Souya is basically a smiling devil who sets many records like winning all 7 tournaments in a year! And true to his claim, Master Souya swiftly beat Shimada in the first match. We’ll never know what happened during that match.

Meanwhile, Kyouko Kouda went to see Rei Kiriyama as usual and started complaining about her credit card being frozen, which means that her father suspects of dating someone who already has a family.

But the funny thing is that Rei didn’t tell his adoptive father Masachika about Kyouko dating with Masamune Gotou. Then again, it can’t be helped then as Masachika-san doesn’t want her daughter getting into more trouble! Still, she’s blaming Rei-kun for cutting her rebellions lifestyle short!

That’s until Momo Kawamoto arrived at the wrong place and at the wrong time. I have to say that she called Kyouko a witch, which is fitting since Rei’s adoptive sister is a troublemaker!

As for Rei Kiriyama, looks like he got rescued from Kyouko’s lashing when Hina-chan approached Rei-kun and give him a bento box.

Yeah, I would say that Hinata Kawamoto is angry at Kyouko Kouda. Too bad that the bento box that he received was taken away by Kyouko and ate all of it. What a bitch!

Lastly, it appears that Harunobu Nikaidou is promoted to C-1 rank and he’ll be looking forward to challenge Rei Kiriyama! Then again, Morio Shigeta wasn’t happy about it.

Well then, that’s about it for this week’s episode of Sangatsu no Lion! As for Shimada however, he’ll try to bounce back from his loss against Master Souya.

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